Workout of the Day (Saturday)

This workout is a combination from last weekend and this weekend.  Give it a try, I bet you will find it to be a great calorie burner and a bit fun.

Last Saturday, I spent 6-7 hours splashing and playing in the surf, snorkeling and swimming in the open ocean.  At the water’s edge with just enough room to keep my face out of the water, I performed “superman” planks with one arm and opposite leg elevated.  What made this even more difficult was the shifting sand underneath each time the waves rolled in.  I added side planks and push ups.  Repeat this for three sets.  Add to it the oblique plank crunches as used in the workout program Insanity.  Start by positioning yourself in the basic plank position.  Raise one leg at 90 degrees to the body and draw your knee towards your shoulder.  Perform one on each side for 10 reps.  Again, the shifting sand underneath makes this even more difficult and a wonderful challenge.

Last night I ran 7 miles in the dark on loose sand at a moderate pace.  There were mild hills so the loose sand made it more difficult.

Please, get out and enjoy your weekend.

Make It Fun!

God Bless.

Workout of the Day (Friday)

Walk in place the proceed to a jog in place to warm up.

Squat jacks

Jumping jacks with arms going straight up over head rather than swinging up from the side


Speed boxing

Low planks

Knee thrusts into a pad (kickboxing)

Side planks

Forward kicks

situps with hands beside head

Repeat the punches, kicks and knees

situps with hands beside head


jabs and squat to avoid being hit in head

situps with hands beside head


low planks

side planks

Cool down with stretching


Make It Fun!

God Bless.

Workout of the Day (Wednesday)

Walk in place and advance to a jog to warm up

Seated rows
Pull ups
Elevated push ups
Flutter kicks
Seated rows
Pull ups
Elevated pushups
Flutter kicks
Cables internal and external rotations with elbow on hip
Tractor tire flips
Sled push
Front planks one minute
Low planks one minute
Front planks
Side planks 30 seconds each side

For cardio, add workout of your choice. Mine today is two hours of hurling.

Enjoy! Make It Fun

God Bless.

Workout of the day (Tuesday)

Walk and Warm up to a jog in place.

Dumbbell/kettle bell clean and press 10 reps each arm for two sets.

Bicep hammer curl 10 reps of 2 sets each arm.

Cables internal and external rotation with elbow on hip

From P90X
In and outs
Crunchy frogs

Pushups – 25
Hop in place touch toes on medicine ball

From P90X
Heels to the heavens
Cross legged sit ups
Roll up /V ups

Shoulder press standing
Dumbbell squats
Touch toes on ball again

Spring Has Sprung! or Sprang; A Week in Review


This past week has been a rich and full week.  We celebrated Easter with our neighbors with a grand cookout, celebrated with our parishioners at church, and with our family. Each night this week has been something after work and a workout before each workday.

Friday night, all across North Carolina, star gazing parties formed, peering into the night sky beyond the stars.  My wife, kids and I joined in looking at Jupiter and its four moons, the rings of Saturn,  Orion, and many other bits of the universe as part of the state wide North Carolina Science Festival. Star parties were held across the state.

Saturn and rings

Above is a picture of Saturn with its rings.

From April 5th -21st, there are events all over the state.  For example, Alton Brown of the Food Network is due to pop-in in Durham and Charlotte and discuss science in cooking.

Check out the calendar events on the link

My tulips are blooming, purple, pink and many green sprouts about to burst open. Spring is here!  Spring has sprung, or sprang.  If you are a connoisseur of words, you may enjoy this link I found on words…

If you have not yet checked out the latest episode of Doctor Who: Rings of Akhenaten, then I highly recommend you do!

Yesterday, I attended my friend’s wedding and today I enjoyed a nice run barefoot.  What a great week to be out!  Enjoy each moment, for this life is much too short!

Make It Fun!

God Bless.


I am thankful for the opportunity to write, for the right to speech, for the ability to work.  I work 70+ hours consistently each week.  I do not get paid any extra working past 40 hours. It’s just part of the job.  I enjoy doing what I do, I enjoy helping people.  However, to remain sane I have to workout.  To remain balanced, we all need to work on our mental, spiritual, and physical health.

This week, I have continued the run to the pool, swim and run back.  Additionally, I have been alternating the 300 workout with the James Bond workout.  For a great core workout I recommend alternating the ab workouts from P90X and Insanity.

Last week I took an exam to prepare to go back to school. As I said before, we need balance in life.  We need to continue to improve our own lives.  I value education so that we can put it to use to help others.  As Audio Adrenaline writes in their song Kings and Queens, “When we help the least of these…”.

I volunteered today to help raise money for Special Olympics. It is only a small part in an attempt to help others.  So many people have helped me along my journey in life.  God has given each of us gifts and talents to be used for good.

As I said, I work more than 70 hours per week, I have a family who needs a dad to demonstrate love and support, I have things I do through my church and my faith, things after school in which I help my family such as homework and extra curricular activities.  I have to maintain my professional education and am applying for a doctorate program. Plus, I work on my fitness to prevent long-term health problems.  Needless to say, I do not sleep much. We are on this planet for such a short period of time in the big scheme of things. Regardless of how few hours we think we have in a day, regardless of how busy we think we are, I challenge each of us, to volunteer.  Volunteer for something bigger than ourselves.  Volunteer for something we find important.   And may we balance our mental, spiritual, and physical health so that we make our home, community, society, country and world a better place.

Make It Fun!

God Bless, Vivat Jesus.

Workout of the Day

Today I popped into the gym and reinstated the 300 workout. It’s been a few years since I did it. I quickly remembered why I really like that workout. It’s fun and produces great results! I added a great tasting, low fat chicken paddy dish my wife made last night with quinoa and rice along with mixed vegetables. I shall soon post a recipe. Keep looking for the recipe. Below, you shall find the link to the 300 workout. Enjoy!

Make it Fun!
God Bless.

Getting Fit Like BOND, James Bond

So, a couple of days ago I mentioned I would begin the Daniel Craig, James Bond workout. This morning, after hitting snooze on my clock for an hour, I meandered to the kitchen, drank nearly 90 cups of coffee (not really, but you could imagine).  I hit the road and followed the stream of red lights before me driving into work.  I popped into the gym and began the Bond workout.  I started off slow, then began to develop steam and momentum.  (I think the coffee was starting to take effect).  I completed the workout and added several rounds of jumping rope.  What a great start to a great day.  


TO see the links to the workout, check out my previous post about Bond, James Bond.  It’s the most uber, bestest, gnarly post ever!!


Make it Fun!

God Bless.