Happy Saint Patricks Day

I went out tonight with a group of friends in Dothan, Alabama. We turned off the highway and then off the road to a blacktop drive that passed by multiple double wide trailers. The black top came to a sudden end that blended into gravel and mud. Sting lights continued the path to Folklore Brewing Company. Chairs outside with tables could be seen before open roll up doors and friendly smiling faces. Some nights, such as tonight, they have catered food. A table displayed pulled pork BBQ, baked beans, and slaw. The bar featured several local brews of ales, wheats, stouts and others. One of which had a symbol of the iconic Huey Helicopter, giving honor and homage to those in the military, those in aviation and to flight medics. Jeremy is the Head Brew Master. He told us of how his father (now retired) was a medic that taught high altitude training and dive chamber. Later his father stopped by and chatted. Several family members made rounds checking on the patrons.

The Folklore Brewing Company was clean. Unlike many drinking establishments, this place was proudly clean, comfortable, well lit, great food, great beverages, and complimentary friendly family down home good folks. Many board games were available and I enjoyed playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. This is a place to relax, have a good time and feel safe.

On the way out, I walked out with one of Jeremy’s uncles, learned that the property all around is owned by several family members, Mary Lou road was named for Mary Lou Crabtree, that the grandfather served as a mail courier in WW1, the father a radio operator in Battle of the Bulge, the uncle just missed Vietnam due to the war ending before he could join, and stories of family members who piloted Hueys or flew in them.

As I left for the evening, I felt this family has a real sense of true patriotism, caring for one’s fellow mankind, and a genuine desire to look after others.

If ever in the Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, Fort Rucker area, check out Folklore Brewing Company, be responsible and have a great time. I chose not to drink; rather I chose to assist is being designated driver.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Make It Fun!
God Bless!