Workout of the Day (Saturday)

This workout is a combination from last weekend and this weekend.  Give it a try, I bet you will find it to be a great calorie burner and a bit fun.

Last Saturday, I spent 6-7 hours splashing and playing in the surf, snorkeling and swimming in the open ocean.  At the water’s edge with just enough room to keep my face out of the water, I performed “superman” planks with one arm and opposite leg elevated.  What made this even more difficult was the shifting sand underneath each time the waves rolled in.  I added side planks and push ups.  Repeat this for three sets.  Add to it the oblique plank crunches as used in the workout program Insanity.  Start by positioning yourself in the basic plank position.  Raise one leg at 90 degrees to the body and draw your knee towards your shoulder.  Perform one on each side for 10 reps.  Again, the shifting sand underneath makes this even more difficult and a wonderful challenge.

Last night I ran 7 miles in the dark on loose sand at a moderate pace.  There were mild hills so the loose sand made it more difficult.

Please, get out and enjoy your weekend.

Make It Fun!

God Bless.

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