Today has been a mixed day. I shall emphasize the positive aspects. I met up with several friends, folks I have admired and worked with several years ago. Having planted seeds of inspiration years ago, one inspired me to return to school. Like a professional farmer, he repeated that sewing process again, today. Fertile soil. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who encourage us and challenge us. Likewise, it’s important to encourage others to reach higher.

Someone I once supervised wanted to return to school. His goal was to become a physician assistant. I wrote a letter of recommendation and he was accepted. I received a photo this week of his graduation. I am so proud of him. Like all of us, he needed a chance. He had the ability within him. Sometimes, we all need that encouragement. The seeds were scattered and sewn into fertile soil.

Today, someone returned that favor to me. My mind is spinning, thinking, contemplating. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and that God places us where he wants us. We may not always know why at the time, however if we remain quiet and open, He will reveal it at the right moment. Like fertile soil, it may stink a bit, however will produce abundantly.

I did not run today. Recently, someone introduced me to an app called Zombies Run. I have found that I have a renewed thrill with running. My times have improved. Though I’m not really being chased by zombies, I can picture a growling horde moving my direction as I pick up the pace and complete the missions. Merriam-Webster describes a cacophony as a harsh or discordant sound. ( What ever the motivation, it is important to reach higher and to improve aspects in our lives. Be that the motivation is positive or negative, I’ve heard that we can all serve as examples.

I decided this year to train for triathlons. I came close to death several times during 2012. I was angry for a while. With prayer and forgiveness, I decided to focus that energy and anger into improving myself. I began cycling and improving my running. Next, I will incorporate swimming into my weekly exercise.

I want to share some of my fertile soil with you. I ask you do the same. Reach out and encourage others to improve their lives as well. We all have room for improvement. Whether the storm clouds are on the horizon with rain or the sun is shining, it’s all for the better. We just need to plant the seeds.

God bless. Make it fun.

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