Heartland-White as Snow

I drove to Memphis. I have made this trip many times each year growing up. My grandparents are getting older as are all of us and history is held with them. I loaded up several days ago and made a day trip of it to visit family. There was no snow on Christmas nor on Boxing Day at my folks home. As I headed out on the nearly deserted highways in our heartland, the grass began to become sketchy with bits of white that later progressed to a light blanket. Drifts of snow smacked against the sides of trunks and clung to limbs of trees. I felt a smile develop on my face.

I cannot recall ever seeing snow on a previous journey to Memphis. The U2 song Heartland sums up the emotional feeling and conjures up thoughts of a warm orange setting sun as it spreads across the land.

The land is perpetually moist down in the low lands. The rich soil that spreads across many counties in all directions around the Mississippi River was being kept moist again this visit as a fresh blanket of snow nestled the farmland. This brought to mind another song from U2 titled White As Snow. This song discusses youth and purity. As I listened to radio reports of the school shootings in Connecticut, I prayed for the children and those families whose holidays will forever be changed.
In an online news report from Reuters,
“Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said he would form a commission to make recommendations on school safety, mental health, and prevention of gun violence. Malloy, who toured the new Sandy Hook school, wants the panel to report to him by March 15 while the state legislature is still in session.
‘We don’t yet know the underlying cause behind this tragedy, and we probably never will,’ Malloy said in a statement. ‘But that can’t be an excuse for inaction.'”
I am not proposing any grand ideas of what could have been done differently or changing any laws. One thing the mainstream media has neglected to discuss is that evil does exist in this world. Evil is what motivates one person to outright kill and murder innocent children. This event was not about self defense in which the shooter was trying to protect himself. Simply put, it was an evil act.

Our nation continues to try to become more “politically correct” and continues to attempt to separate God from our lives. We are becoming more and more about self gratification; we are more about if it feels right and pleases us then we should do it at the expense of all others and most importantly God.

I am no priest, rabbi, pastor, nun nor deacon. I am no angel. I have made my share of mistakes. However, I pray that we renew our faith as a nation. That we may all become white as snow.

God Bless.


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