Jim Lane Mashed Potatoes

These are some of the creamiest, fluffiest, best tasting (probably least healthy) mashed potatoes ever.  I credit Jim Lane with these and you can follow his blogs and adventures through Lane Rock Farm. http://m.youtube.com/#/user/laneakjt?desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2Flaneakjt.   https://myspace.com/rockfarmknives



Potatoes, lots of them

Butter 1-2 sticks

Ranch Dressing, 2-4 cups

Lipton Onion soup mix

Milk 1-2 cups

Chicken Broth 1 cup and add to taste


Boil your potatoes (it will be up to you if you drain off the water).  I believe he does.  Mash in a big cauldron of awesomeness.  Add lots of butter, lots of ranch and lipton onion soup mix. Add the broth and milk 

Dig in.  This is tasty, savory, and down home comfort food.




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