Arriving in Bavaria

Sunday evening, we deboarded the train. The warm evening sun kissed the summer fields as we met with our friends at the platform. It was tremendous as we’ve not seen them for several years. After loading our backpacks into their vehicles, we were wisked into the Bavarian countryside. We had a lovely dinner at Rechberger hof biergarten and restaurant outside under a beautiful blue Bavarian sky. The food was tasty and filling. We drove back to the village where we caught up then walked a block from the house to the already in progress fest for what the local mayor described to be Jakob’s Fire or a celebration of Saint Jakob.




The music and merriment went on long into the night though I retired around 2130. I had been up for quite a while and cannot keep up with the locals in partying. I’ll post photos when I return home.

Make It Fun!
God Bless.

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