Traveling through Deutschland

I set out today to visit some old friends. I slept one hour last night and was up around 0400 today. My wife did not sleep. She ensured I did not shrink our laundry. I ensured all the electronic devices were plugged in and charging. The kids quickly slept about 3 hours. We checked out, caught the scheduled cab, headed to the hauptbahnhof, and spent all day traveling.

Cold pizza in a box was held in my hand as folks who just exited the clubs at 0500 tried to give me directions through bleary eyes and a drunken breath that nearly intoxicated me.

We had prepurchased our tickets, planned our routes and a 5 hour 55 minute trip took over nine hours. I commend the Germans in fine engineering, punctuality and many other fine qualities. Getting around with public transportation is usually quite easy and well done. Today, was the exception. I cannot place a finger on what happened but at every stop someone told us we had the wrong tickets only to later find out that each time we did infact did have the right tickets.

It has been a long, hungry, uncomfortably warm day with out so much as air conditioning and very limited open windows on the train. One woman came over three times to close my wife’s window. The heat was so much in the train that after several hours, many of the 20 something’s banded together and opened up several windows. My kids quit sweating so profusely. Still clammy, however cooler. In a positive note, the view from our windows was beautiful and we spent the day as a family.

I just boarded what I believe to be the last train of the day before we meet with our friends. It has air conditioning, outlets to charge our devices and quiet. It has been a long 9+ hours today. The afternoon sun embraces the farm fields and the view is improving.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Make It Fun!
God Bless.



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