Monday: We drove into Regensberg then followed the pedestrian and bike pathways to the Cathedral where Mass is offered and in the basement are reminders of the former bishops that have since passed away. The kids, surprisingly, enjoyed the time in the Cathedral and having their photos taken outside where a golden colored live statue politely bowed when coins were placed in his hat.

We moved on to Scheffri bäckeri where we devoured flakey pastries, apfel strudels and cinnamon rolls. Afterwards, we moved along the promenade to the river Danube, had some brüchen and sausages, and took photos along the bridge.

As we headed back to the vehicle, the rain started as a sprinkle then began to pour. We paused under a few overhangs then decided it was in our favor to just push through the rain.

When we arrived at the mall, we sat and relished in warm coffee and chai and gelato.

If you enjoy malls, the mall in Regensberg was a nice addition of current architecture and modern stuff to compliment the historic. Plus, it is attached to the train and bus stop so it is conveniently located.

Make It Fun!
God Bless You.

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