Encouragement of the Week

As I posted before, I am preparing for a triathlon.  I have begun running to the pool, swimming and running back to work.  In the past week, I swam for 40 minutes continuously.  I took the bike out to prepare to ride and of course, the tires needed attention.  I found them to be low on air. Also, I was able to get in some backpacking.  Sure, it’s not for triathlon training, however should a great adventure race present itself, I want to be ready.  I also got out to a pistol range to keep up the skills as you never know when the zombie apocalypse is to occur .  The days have been warm and nights have been chilly.  Winter is hanging on yet my tulips have decided it was time to sprout.  We should all be like my tulips.  Though there are forces in this world that try to prevent us from doing good things, we should still poke out our heads and brave the elements.

Make it Fun!

God Bless.

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