I would love to see individual films expanding on each I the characters. Just last week I was discussing that it would be great to have films on Bobba Fett. I am sort of curious about the character in Cloud City who is bald with a device around his head. Maybe one about Admiral Akbar. I very much am looking forward to all the possibilities!!

The L. Palmer Chronicles

Just as the Greeks were folded into the growing Roman Empire, Lucasfilm has recently been folded into Disney’s empire. As this new owner of an entire galactic universe, Disney has announced that they are Marvelizing Star Wars. In other words, they are using the uber-lucrative and successful business model set up for the Marvel universe: a few Character films that stand alone and work as feature-film-length trailers for the Event film.

It’s tough to deny Disney’s business logic, considering the astronomical success of the Marvel franchise.  With Star Wars films alone, Disney will quickly earn back the roughly four billion dollars they invested in Lucasfilm.

What this also means, however, is that the expanded universe will at last have an opportunity to be portrayed onscreen professionally with a ginormous budget.  It means that new voices and new visions will be added to Star Wars, for good or for ill.  It…

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