Nights Out

Our friend returned home from work and we spent one impromptu evening visiting Klosterl Monastery. The monks were saying evening prayer when we arrived. Traditionally, they brew beer and serve it in a bier garten/ social area. The property touches the bend in a river where the kids swam. We then headed to Behratzhaus for light, filling pizza and Apfel Schorle. I have eaten a LOT of pizza over the years. This was a very tasty and satisfying meal. Not too heavy. Often when finishing pizza I have heard or have said “Oh I’m stuffed”. This was just right. Lightly pasted tomato sauce and olive oil on thin crust. One version was Hawaiian, two margerita, and a tomato basil cheese pizza.

Our last night in Unterpfraundorf, both families went out for a walk in the countryside. We watched large slugs slowly creep along the path, butterflies danced from flower to flower, there were small orchards of apple trees, cherry and plum trees. The kids rode bikes, scooters or walked as they took turns chasing or leading the way. The evening air was perfect. Just the right temperature, a pleasant, gentle breeze and the right way to spend our last night with our hosts and friends.


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