Oceans 2013: Indonesia

This is a short break from my European travel blogging. I returned last month from Java, Indonesia. The country is stunningly beautiful. Though I was not around the beaches, I did see that trash and debris is a major problem there. Many people just threw wrappers on the ground after eating things. Rubbish was everywhere. I should specify that in the jungle and in the cities was trash laying about. At one of the military bases, the place was nearly spotless and trash was not visible. In some places, were signs or posters of working to improve conservation or environmentally friendly efforts and photos showing where their army was leading that effort.

Indonesia is not the only country in the world with this sort of problem. It even occurs in and around the United States.

Here is an article I stumbled upon today. I hope that the photos of trash in the article were altered to look this way, if not then much work and education needs to be done.



(here is a separate link about a new shark found off Indonesia…http://news.yahoo.com/walking-shark-discovered-indonesia-141908033.html)




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