Ireland and Irish Adventures Part Two


I camped out in the eatery of Clontarf Castle and found a few snackables.  While my friends took a nap, I meandered through the local roads enjoying the multicolored doors, the deeply manicured front yards separated by short black rod-iron fencing.  The size of the front yards were tiny and close to each other yet made up for the size with beauty.  Locals were either at work, stepping out their front door, or delivering packages to the houses on the street.  Some were out enjoying walks.  I strolled down to Dublin Bay and watched as huge ships came into port and docked.  I wondered what all those vessels carried. As a vessel, what would I carry with me? I sat on a cement wall and watched as folks tossed frisbees, some of which hung on the breeze for a moment before finding their way back to earth.  I felt alive and soon found my way back to earth.  I got off the cement wall and headed back to the hotel.

The image of the doors was found at:

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