Imagine Today Was Your Inauguration

Today is a great day.  As a nation, we have the right to vote.  We have chosen our President. Today is the Inauguration.  Later today, balls and galas will be held.  Private parties will provide people a chance to party.  Many question the legitimacy of the cost of such events and if they are worth it.  Imagine for a moment that you were elected President.  Imagine yourself raising your hand and swearing to uphold the Office of the President of the United States.  How would you celebrate?  What sort of party would you hold?  Where would you host it? Who would you invite? What would you wear?

1 thought on “Imagine Today Was Your Inauguration

  1. I’d have a fancy shindig and invite my Army friends and family. I’d invite that guy from that movie about that thing that happened. I’d wear a flowing, one-shouldered number with black Converse. The food would be Carnival: corn dogs, cotton candy, snow cones. …maybe an ice sculpture in the shape of my dog. No clowns, though; clowns freak me out.

    Vote for me! Free cotton candy! 🙂

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