A Day in Wales

Where is Wales? Well, I generally knew where it was but I looked it up to get a better idea of its boundaries.

We took a bus from Bristol this morning, waving goodbye to Gromit. We were off to see a new county and headed to Cardiff. Many farms and livestock dotted the hills on our journey and then we found ourselves just outside of Cardiff Castle.

We strolled along the streets until it was time. Time to see The Doctor. Doctor Who that is. The BBC has studios where they film the television series along with others to include Torchwood.

We started with a stroll through Cardiff where many locations around the town were revealed to us that were in the television shows.

Next, we were guided into the studio set where The TARDIS was located. The TARDIS is a police telephone call box that is able to travel through time and space and is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

Finally, there was an interactive journey that concluded with a walk through the lineage and history of making Doctor Who.

It was a lovely day in a rustic bayside town. Cardiff is a comfortable city that is easy to get around by foot, bus, or rail. It had an old town charm to it that made me feel welcome.

Make It Fun!
God Bless.

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