Ireland and Irish Adventures Part Three


Ireland has been blessed with so many churches and places of worship.  Influences from around the world have helped develop some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

Our next stop while in Dublin was a drive north to Newgrange near the bend in the River Boyne, County Meath.  This is located near Drogheda.Image

Newgrange, once thought to be a tomb is now considered to be a temple.  A place where locals once looked forward to the new light on the longest night, the Winter Solstice, as the entrance chamber became illuminated.    It was once considered in folklore to be a fairy mound and inhabited by the god of love named Oenghus.

Newgrange has been recognized by UNESCO as a historical site. Possibly built before the the pyramids and Stonehenge.  Human existence here is thought to be as early as 3000 BC.  As quoted directly from the UNESCO website, “This is Europe’s largest and most important concentration of prehistoric megalithic art. The monuments there had social, economic, religious and funerary functions”.


Pendants, stones, bone fragments, Roman coins, and the famous Triple Swirl have been found here.

If you enjoy art, folklore, history, archeology or simply just traveling, you might make a day trip to Drogheda.

Images on this post were used from the websites as my photo taking ability is quite poor.  Credit is given either directly on the photo or in the links below. These are not my photos.