Exercise in Bavaria

In a time where religion has been been made politically incorrect there is a place where church bells ring out to let everyone know the time, call people to Mass, and remind us that time and life is short and salvation awaits us with open arms, always! Oberpfraundorf and Unterpfraundorf still have that warm small town charm.

As the church bells called out, I picked up the cadence in my run. I was finishing the last four minutes of an hour long run when they called to me. I picked up my arms and heavy legs and churned to the finish; my beautiful wife leaning out the top window of a beautiful Bavarian home.

During my run, I headed out of the burg and into the countryside. Purple wild flowers entertained butterflies. My eyes traced the rolling hills and evergreens created a natural wall of shade to the side of the field. I flitted back into the village where beautiful gardens and bright flowers in window flower boxes highlighted the warm homes. Several of the properties had chickens that came up to the fence to greet me. I rounded a corner to find St Jakob’s church. It was bright yellow, rectangular with a rounded end.

I continued on and passed under a bridge that separated Ober- and Unterpfraundorf. I passed a fire house or fire station that resembled a home. I found two more churches and more chickens. I turned to head back to the house and that’s when I heard the bells chiming and clanging.

What a tremendous day of running.

Make It Fun!
God Bless You.
















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