The New Sexy

Yesterday, I stopped into the local movie house in Raleigh, North Carolina. The film du jour…Star Trek: Into Darkness.  For those who are fans of the Star Trek films, I am sure most have already seen this in the past week.  However, I found it had a great combination  of intelligence, displays of physical fitness, and developing leaders in times of strife/controversy.

If you have not seen the film, Captain James T. Kirk and crew face one of their own when they have to work with and later battle Khan.  The name Khan is used in many parts of the world and is of royalty most notably in the Pashtun regions of western Pakistan, eastern Afghanistan, Mongolia, and India; possibly descendants of  the historical warrior Ghengis Khan. In Star Trek, Khan was a member of Star Fleet who was genetically modified to have improved intelligence, physical prowess, and healing abilities.

The character Khan is played by Benedict Cumberbach, an actor with an incredible future ahead of him unlike many other actors.  Mr. Cumberbach, until recently, was better known for his PBS role of Sherlock depicted from the original literature set in modern times.

Kirk is played by Chris Pine.  Kirk is often finding himself in physical altercations and yet has the intellectual ability to think his way through difficult and challenging situations.

I appreciate the works of director J.J. Abrams and creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat in that they celebrate intelligence.  Unlike many films of the 1970s and 80s in which the selling point was often topless women to entice film viewers or to be sickly rail thin like Twiggy, films of today are beginning to reflect a new view that is more intriguing.  Characters with a combination of physical strength and endurance with intelligence.  This combination may be the new sexy.  Intelligence has often been overlooked in history or has been exclusive from physical capabilities, though this unique combination brought together develops a more appealing leader. This may be even evident in the new James Bond films which Bond is less about jumping into bed and more about chasing the enemy in Parkour style and utilizing his intelligence to problem solve.

Spock mentioned in the film that he cannot lie.  Sadly, he mentions that he does not believe in miracles, though if you know his character you know this is an honest statement for him.

You see the story unfold realizing that one person cannot complete the task or mission alone.  It takes a team.  And in that team, members accept responsibility for the good and the bad, the accomplishments and the failures, all that the team does and does not accomplish.

As our world society continues to become more obese and vastly increase long term health effects, it greatly decreases productivity and causes staggering rises in health care costs.  We all have responsibility in ourselves, our families, our jobs, our society and our world. We have responsibility to lead healthy lives, healthy lives lead to mentally sound lives and our spiritually fulfilled lives lead to better citizens. We must accept responsibility for all we do and all we fail to do.

I appreciate the change in films and in an ever increasing awareness in our society of holistic approach to topics. I appreciate people stepping up to be leaders and understanding that in a leader, we demand accountability and reward them when the job is done honestly and correctly. I am not out to sell anything or project any particular view or body image on anyone.  I am trying to encourage people to have physically, mentally, and just as important, spiritually fit lives.

Make It Fun!

God Bless.

2 thoughts on “The New Sexy

  1. Dumb-sounding people are never sexy. The hot chicks with huge boobs and tiny vocabularies…the buff meat-heads who think crushing cans on their foreheads is theater… Not sexy at all.

    Benedict Cumberbatch is attractive physically because he is tall, healthy, and smiles quite a lot. (Being British helps…) He is attractive socially/intellectually because he counties to portray intelligence and refinement. …plus, he’s got a killer voice and eyes like icebergs… 😉 Chris Pine isn’t at all attractive physically, but his CPT Kirk is smart, funny, brave, and very human. He’s like a kid brother. Star trek, though, has always been about the relationships: love interests, prejudices, right vs wrong, fear vs bravery…for all the aliens in the franchise, Star Trek is about the human condition.

    Muscle is more attractive that bone, brains are more attractive than brawn. The new direction a great many films are taking is a step in the right direction; gratuitous bra/panty shots? …I could do without those.

    • I agree with you the bra/panty shot could and should have been left out of the film. Quite frankly, I had forgotten the scene was in the film until you mentioned it. The scene was unnecessary and the story alone was enough to run on its own.

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