Springtime in North Carolina, Possibilities

There is so much to do in North Carolina with mountains in the west, large cities and the Triangle in the middle, sandhills, swamps, farmland, and all the beaches. As spring finally presents itself, right and proper, I popped down to Fayetteville near Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I spent the morning on a day hike with the family and some friends.  We set out at the Cape Fear River Trail.  Many runners, dog owners, and cyclists were enjoying the cool, moist morning.  Approximately five rain drops found their way to my skin then the clouds danced on.  Soccer players (footballers) were enjoying the morning batting the ball around and chasing it, cheering each other.  Small violet flowers were in bloom.



The path wound this way and that. The kids played tag, running here and there.  Dogs met and sniffed.


Water trickled down the hills, finding its way toward the river and eventually the ocean.


Train tracks flitted through the underbrush and eventually displayed in great grandeur a trestle bridge.


Foot paths and bridges connected the hills.



I enjoyed the morning.  Kids were pretending sticks were bow and arrows and they were as tall as trees riding on my shoulders.  My wife enjoyed a run with friends. We returned home. I put on Doctor Who; Vincent and the Doctor.  The episode where the Doctor and Amy meet Vincent Van Gogh and show him how much his life of torment has made in the lives of others. What if you could really make a difference in someone’s life? What if you could show them through your eyes and your heart just how much of a difference they make in the world? What if you could see just how important your own existence truly is?  Take a moment and think on this.


Make It Fun!

God Bless.

All the photos were borrowed from my friend at http://yerttle.wordpress.com.  I must give her the credit.  Thanks for a great day out!!

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