Most weekends, I saunter down the steps, bleary eyed.  I step on Lego pieces, scratch my head and pry my eyes open.  I begin with small sips of dark black aromatic liquid and then begin guzzling it by the cupful.  As coffee begins to kick start my day, I transform the stove to a low setting, crack a few eggs and pilfer the fridge.  I start a kettle of water to make hot coffee for my wife.  I don’t care for hot coffee. I can not drink it fast enough and burns my mouth.  I like tepid, room temp or cold coffee.  I can drink it like a professional athlete knocking back sports drinks! Oh, and how I go.  My energy levels kick into full swing and WEEEEEEEEE, it’s a new day!

I like to make omelets or cheesy eggs, crepes or pancakes, and turkey bacon or a sweet sausage.  Last week during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the kids all had green milk.  When I pulled the glass container of milk from a local co-op out of the fridge, they had looks of interest and concern of the green stuff.  I had placed food color in while they were in bed however they were under the belief that an elf had changed it during the night. Maybe I had suggested it.

While my family watched Wreck It Ralph,  I started some omelets.   I scrambled two eggs for each omelet, poured them into a nonstick pan on a low setting the swirled them around the pan to coat it. As the  eggs began to cook, I trimmed the tree part of broccoli into half the omelet, added some cooked Maple and Sage Chicken sausage from a local farm.  I first cooked the sausage then trimmed it to dime sized discs on half the omelet.  I added bruschetta my wife had made the night before. (bruschetta=tomatoes and bell peppers with a hint of garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, fresh basil and olive oil). I added shredded cheese and folded the plain side on top of the busy side of the omelet.   When I was satisfied that side had been cooked thoroughly, I flipped the whole thing over and spread a small amount of shredded cheese on the top.

I placed the omelet on the plate and then drizzled a layer of shredded cheese into the empty nonstick pan to make cheese crisps (cracklings or whatever other name you want to call it).  Basically, fried cheese.

There were lots of smiles.  Younger kids may not appreciate the vegetables as much, however plain cheese omelets tend to be better appreciated.

I had considered adding quinoa and chia seeds to the eggy mixture for more fiber and protein.  Should any of you try it, let me know what you think of it! Omit the sausage for a vegetarian dish.

You might check out olive oil from Green Gate Olive Oil company located in Pinehurst and in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  A friend recommended this and I picked some up while visiting there. Check them out.

See my other post titled Crepes Are Fun.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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