Blogging Molly


We all know this one chick. She says, “Oh, I’m so fat today!” as she walks off wearing her size 4 jeans and climbs into her cute little car with her cute little butt on her way to go buy cute little running skirts.

I hate her.

Jennifer Graham, though, knows a little more about what it really means to be fat. Not “a little heavy” or “pudgy”, but the kind of fat that makes life miserable. She wrote this ^^ book for me, and I’ll tell you why you should read it, too, even if you’re the “fat” chick in size 4 jeans. (also, I hate you)

Because she is a Runner, Jennifer knows the ups and downs and chafing spots of the sport. The clothing, the weather, the sweat. She shprekenzee the leengahlee. She talks about belonging to a tribe of athletes who choose to embrace the…

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